Epson L360 Driver Linux

Epson L360 Driver Linux. We work at home or at work, everyone needs the same tools. Epson L360 printer is a very good multifunction printer in its work. Both in the process, reading documents and copying documents or documents.

The Epson L360 printer has the features needed to facilitate work. Better the price side and the level of efficiency is one of the best factors for us to face a tight budget. The Epson L360 has the criteria needed for that.

Epson products are known as very popular products because they can provide the best quality. And the existence of Epson L360 is one proof that this product is very serious to bring the best quality with a meaningful economic side. Especially for those of you who have a limited budget. But has perfect features.

So. If you are looking for a printer for work at home or office. The Epson L360 is worth discussing.

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How to Install Epson L360 Printer on Linux Mint

Setup Epson L360 printer on Linux Mint is very easy because it can download and install the L360 Linux driver automatically after you connect the printer to the computer.

  1. Turn on your computer where you want to install the Epson L360 driver Linux.
  2.  Switch on Epson L360 printer and plug the USB cable from the printer into the USB hole on the computer.
  3. Linux mint will automatically recognize the type of printer and find drivers on the internet it automatically (make sure your Linux connects to the internet).Epson L360 Driver Linux
  4. After the driver is installed click Menu> Administration> Printers> Add> In the device section the brand will appear from your printer> click then click forward.Epson L360 Driver Linux
  5. But if Linux Mint doesn’t find a printer driver for your printer. Then you can use drivers from different series, for example. To install an Epson l360 printer on Linux mint you can use the Epson L210 printer driver to install on your PC.Epson L360 Driver Linux
  6. After the printer driver is automatically selected by linux mint. Then you just click apply.Epson L360 LINUX DRIVER
  7. The printer that we have installed. Next will appear in the “Printer-Localhost” window and do a print test to test the Epson L360 printer driver that you just installed.

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